Walter Tull’s Scrapbook


Poet Michaela Morgan has turned researcher to share the inspirational true story of Walter Tull. Raised in an orphanage with his twin brother, Walter Tull’s footballing skills led to him becoming Britain’s first black professional player, for Tottenham Hotspur, among other teams.

The intervention of WWI changed the fortunes of many young men; Walter Tull’s efforts saw him become the first black British officer, yet his undisputed bravery on the front remains unrewarded by medals because of his colour, despite campaigns to the contrary.

Documents, photographs, and interviews are all gathered to create a fascinating insight into this hard fought, trailblazing story.

We recommend ‘Walter Tull’s Scrapbook‘ to schools and homes, to be appreciated by all readers.

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Walter Tull’s Scrapbook

Michaela Morgan

(Frances Lincoln Books)

Walter Tull was  the first black professional footballer, first black British army officer. His race made these achievements harder won and compromised. Many British people do not know his story. Michaela Morgan, poet, seeks to rectify this through ‘Walter Tull’s Scrapbook‘, beautifully researched and realised. We urge all readers toward this wonderful book about a truly trailblazing figure of British history.



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