Wanna See a Llama?


Would you believe this expert? They say that they know what a llama looks like- four legs, tail, no scales- but it seems otherwise. After all, a hyena isn’t a llama. Nor is a giraffe, or a camel or a pangolin. Then what about hyena? Furthermore, alpaca are different too, aren’t they? Don’t they have ‘shorter ears’ and ‘softer hair than a llama‘?

Then again, where are the llamas? Might they be all about the city? Look at the café for example. Then again, the playground and the river. What about the Underground or even the double- decker bus? In fact, where are all these llamas headed? Could there be a parade?

Do our investigators spot this?

Bookwagon loves the humour, conversation, active, busy, vivacious storytelling and pictures of Wanna See a Llama? We recommend this book for reading aloud, lingering over, talking about, loving and sharing.

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Wanna See a Llama?

Simon Philip and Ian Smith

(Oxford University Press)

Do we  believe this expert who claims they know everything about llamas? Thereafter, that llamas have ‘four legs, a tail, no hump and no scales….’ It seems that every creature suggested as being one of those sought is something else!  A camel, for example? Then again, a pangolin? What about a giraffe, or even an hyena? No wonder they’re laughing! Would you choose to believe this expert should you Wanna See a Llama?
Meanwhile, it seems there are llamas galore. In fact, throughout the pictures we recognise llamas in cafés, driving the underground train, riding scooters. In fact, it seems the city’s gearing up for llamas on parade! What’s more, the dog that’s accompanying us on our journey is high-tailed and bouncing with all the llamas on show! Not our expert!
It seems our investigators should browse through their book. After all, we’ve a welcome appendix that offers more information about each of the animals featured herein, including llamas!
Simon Philip‘s entranced us with picture books including Please! and Be More Bernard. There is such warmth, humour and appeal in his storytelling. Then again, Ian Smith’s pictures are busy, full of such action and colour and activity. Altogether, it means that Wanna See a Llama? is a picture book destined to be read together, talked over, shared and loved dearly.


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