Want to Play Trucks?


‘Want to Play Trucks?‘ Jack likes trucks, especially big trucks that can wreck things. Alex likes dolls that are pink and sparkly and can dance and wear tutus. You can’t wear a tutu if you drive a crane.

We watch as the children play in the sandpit with their toys. Jack and Alex negotiate their play, working out how their trucks and dolls might be accommodated.

Anna Stott’s careful text is weighted by consideration, enthusiasm and compromise. Bob Graham’s pictures are enquiring, tender and full of possibilities. ‘Want to Play Trucks?‘ is such a very special book.

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Want to Play Trucks?

Ann Stott, illustrated by Bob Graham


‘Want to Play Trucks?’ Jack asks Alex. Alex likes dolls with ‘big, pink, sparkly dresses.’ It seems unlikely. Watch as they negotiate their play, imagining, creating and progressing. Bob Graham is a favourite picture book maker. His collaboration with Anna Stott is a meaningful, lovely picture book.


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