Watch Out for the Crocodile


Tora doesn’t hold out much hope for her camping holiday with her father. He is a boring dad, dependent on his phone, computer and coffee. Even holiday grocery shopping takes half a day! When they arrive at their location, Dad appears obsessed by his GPS router. There are wild animals to find in the forest! They cannot delay!

Snakes and giraffes, lions and hippos, trolls and fairies and crocodiles, from which Dad needs protection, abound. Dad doesn’t see a thing. Or does he? Suddenly, Dad sees…

This warm, engaging picture book by mother and daughter duo Lisa Moroni and Eva Eriksson, is ideal for bedtime sharing. It’s text rich enough as a hearty read alone selection too. ‘Watch Out for the Crocodile‘ includes a clear message within the watercolour landscape illustrations, of togetherness and possibilities.

We recommend ‘Watch Out for the Crocodile‘ for readers aged from 5 or 6 or 7 years of age.

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Watch Out for the Crocodile

Lisa Moroni & Eva Eriksson

(Gecko Press)

Tora thinks she has a boring Dad. All he seems to do is ‘work,  drink coffee, sit at the computer, talk on his cell phone.’ Now they’re off on a camping holiday together. What will they discover? This is a story rich with possibilities, from Tora and her father’s relationship, to the endless wonder of the great holidaying outdoors. We recommend ‘ Watch Out for the Crocodile‘ to Bookwagon readers.


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