Watts & Whiskerton


Watts & Whiskerton is a charming debut early chapter book by renowned picture book maker and author Meg McLaren, introducing an adorable new dog and cat detective duo.

Watts’ parents are world famous detectives, but Watts himself feels he doesn’t have the chops to follow in their footsteps.  However, the opportunity for solving a mystery arises when he visits Whiskerton Manor, where he meets Pearl, whose father is the Count – an important client of Watts’ parents.  The Count is convinced his prize roses have been moved – why?  Might it be something to do with an archaeological excavation taking place in the grounds of the manor?  The dig reveals a dinosaur bone (or is it?) – surely not a coincidence.  Pearl and Watts go to the nearby Museum to research the bone and discover the unsolved mystery of a stolen golden apple, never recovered. Now the duo have up to four potential cases.  Encouraged by Pearl, Watts’ detective instincts rise to the surface – can the determined duo solve the crimes and are they all connected in some way?

Watts & Whiskerton is published on 4th July.

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Watts & Whiskerton

Buried Bones and Troublesome Treasure

Written and illustrated by Meg McLaren


Watts & Whiskerton make their debut as a crime fighting detective duo in Buried Bones and Troublesome Treasure.  Watts’ parents are famous dog detectives, solving a number of famous crimes. However, Watts isn’t sure if he has the skills and insight to become a detective himself.  When his parents are invited to stay at Whiskerton Manor, the home of a client of theirs, Watts is hesitant.  This is especially the case when he meets Pearl the cat, the daughter of the Whiskertons.  She is terribly enthusiastic and keen to learn about being a detective.  Moreover, Watts is increasingly unsure of himself in this company.
It isn’t long, however, before their very own mystery presents itself.  Count Whiskerton’s prize roses have been moved – why? Is there any coincidence with an archeological dig taking place at the manor?  This isn’t the only mystery that arises: bones are found – could they be from a dinosaur? – and the duo discover the unsolved crime of a golden apple, stolen from the nearby museum.  These mysteries are really going to test the pair’s detective chops.  Furthermore, how do they set about solving them?  One by one, or are they all connected in some way?  As Watts’ confidence grows, they draw up a list of suspects – some of them being very close to home!
This is a very jolly debut early chapter book from Meg McLaren, previously best known for her picture books.  The illustrations, as would be expected, are charming and there is enough plot detail to satisfy the youngest detective story fan!


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