We are a Garden


We’re invited to open the garden gate and follow the black cat along the path as we enter We are a Garden. What shall we find? Perhaps we’ll watch the kind and strong birds and listen to an acorn or apple fall from the trees. Thereafter, maybe we’ll watch a worm digging under the earth or spiders creating webs. Maybe we’ll hoe the ground and sprinkle water in the warmth before we plant tomato seeds. What else do the seeds need? Shall we investigate the toolshed?

Could there be flowers in the garden? Let’s compare their colours and scents, shapes and perfumes. Let’s watch them attract the butterflies and bees!

Suzanne Barton has created interactive pictures to emphasise the wonder of Louise Grieg’s words. Therefore, there are peep holes, extending double pages that become a four part pond spread, and pages shaped to emulate the umbrella arc of trees. This is a perfect picture book in which younger readers might indulge and wonder, discover and learn. Bookwagon is proud to sell We are a Garden.


We are a Garden

Louise Greig and Suzanne Barton

(Red Shed)– board book

‘I am a garden gate’. Let’s open it to discover how We are a Garden. What’s behind the gate? Shall we crunch upon the gravel path then listen beneath the trees? What’s in the trees? Can you hear the ‘kind and strong‘ birds and the Kerplop! of the apple or acorn? Thereafter let’s watch the worms ‘drag the old leaves down, down, into the brown earth‘ and the scuttle and scurry of the spider, ladybird and ant. Further on and we ‘scatter some seeds./ Sprinkle a little water.‘ At that point we will wait a little while until the vegetables emerge…
Alongside the reading footsteps we take along the garden path, we are following the pattern of time in the garden. Furthermore, we’re realising how much life exists, from the sounds, actions of the insects and birds, to the growth of the vegetables. We consider the tools necessary to tend the garden. Additionally, we contemplate the garden’s seasons and colours.
Louise Greig’s words are picture perfect. We can almost hear the acorn plop as we read along! After The Bear Who Did and other Bookwagon titles, we appreciate her writing skills. Bookwagon welcomes new readers along the path through We are a Garden


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