We Are All Astronauts!


Mary Jackson was the first Black female engineer at NASA. It seems that Luna’s granny knows her so that help is at hand. After all, Luna needs to know everything about space before she can think about lifting off. Then again, although Mary can explain ‘How to Build a Rocket‘ it seems there’s more before Luna’s ‘mission launch‘.

Therefore, although Luna might have prepared her spacesuit, including all that it must contain, learned about space walking, movement, sleeping, and then about all that she might see, there’s even more! For example, what about space heroes, such as  Jessica Meir and Christina Koch? They completed the first female space walk! Then again, what about other space pioneers, like Féliciette, the first cat launched into space? Furthermore, what is the purpose of her mission? Luna has inspiration from Mae Jamison, the first Black woman in space. In fact, she encourages Luna to consider the teamwork necessary to make a space mission successful. What’s more, she inspires Luna to think about how We Are All Astronauts! right now, hurtling through space aboard Earth!

With a raft of absorbing information, so many facts and inspiring ideas, We Are All Astronauts! is a triumph. Bookwagon is overjoyed to welcome Kate Pankhurst’s wonderful space guide aboard.

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We Are All Astronauts!

Kate Pankhurst

(Bloomsbury Children’s Books)

Luna Scope’s prepared for her first mission into space. However, her granny suggests she needs to get to know her ‘space stuff‘ before she gets started. Thereafter, Granny offers her a Guide to Astronaut Training. It seems this is a history and preparation, rather like that contained in How to Be an Astronaut, 
For example, there’s information about the type of spacesuit that Luna needs, such as that her outfit must include ‘an inner suit with cooler water’. It seems that space travellers can expect direct sunlight temperatures of 121 degrees Celsius! Then again, don’t space explorers need to know where they’re going and to be ale to identify what they’re seeing? So, what about telescopes and then a knowledge of phenomena that might be seen, like shooting stars?
Then again, how are you going to communicate? Furthermore, how will you move, work, investigate or sleep? There’s a lot to be informed about and it seems that Granny Suri has researched throughly! What’s more, she references heroes such as Wally Funk, ‘the oldest woman to go into space’.
Bookwagon is delighted to welcome We Are All Astronauts! aboard. Not only is Luna excited and informed, but readers too. What a fascinating, enthusiastic and captivating information book. We recommend it highly!


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