We Are All Made Of Molecules


Stewart is ‘89.9% happy’ that he and his father will be moving ‘into Caroline and Ashley’s house in Vancouver.’ He hopes that Ashley is ‘at least 65% excited.’ She isn’t. Ashley is devastated. The new residents in her home do not meet her expectations, and neither do their belongings. She has her social ranking to consider. Nerdfest Stewart is bad enough, but should anyone discover that her father,  who lives in the house at the back of her home, is gay, Ashley would be destroyed.

Something is going to unravel. As Stewart deals with all that is new, from  school, to Phys. Ed., to the attentions of a bullying jock, while grieving for his mother, Ashley works to maintain her ranking and her pretence.

Susin Nielsen knows her characters and her readers. We love Stewart, from his memorabilia, graphs, joys, to the way he holds onto truths that enable him to steer his course through life and school. We are frustrated by Ashley who seems so shallow, but is actually  scared of facing her truths. Bookwagon urges its older readers to choose ‘We are All Made of Molecules‘. It is a sure-fire winner that will be loved, reread, shared and remembered.


We Are All Made Of Molecules

Susin Nielsen

(Andersen Press)

Forming a new family unit isn’t easy for anyone, especially a gifted geek and the cool girl. This warm, funny, thoughtful story takes the reader through the stages of Stewart’s and Ashley’s experiences, in turn. We love ‘We Are All Made of Molecules‘, and recommend it to all older readers looking for an accessible, enjoyable, truthful book.


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