We Are the Wibbly!

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We Are the Wibbly! Oh my crikeys! One moment, you’re ‘egg friends‘ floating and relaxing and then you go all ‘longish’. Thereafter, you’re bursting out of the wibbly to go ‘water-flying all around the place‘. You need to flick your tail so as not to be gobbled by a ‘hunger-muncher‘!

Sarah Tagholm and Jane McGuinness offer such a bright, animated account of tadpole changes. In fact, we feel as though we’re progressing alongside the wibblies, so that we zoom and soar while feeling perplexed by what’s happening!  After all, growing things out of the sides? Then, what about holding hands and ‘grabbing at juiceable dinners’? Furthermore, what about shrinking tails and ‘air-swimming‘? It’s all so dramatic, exciting and scary!

Bookwagon loves We Are the Wibbly! What a fabulous picture book with which to recognise and understand frogs’ and toads’ life cycles.

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We Are the Wibbly!

A Tadpole’s Tail

Sarah Tagholm and Jane McGuinness


The ‘egg friends‘ are ‘niceable‘. After all, it’s ‘floating’ and ‘relaxing‘. However what if you notice that you’re beginning to grow ‘longish‘ like your friends? What’s happening? It’s We Are the Wibbly!
What if strange things within these wibbly-ish tadpoles mean that they’re changing their forms? Isn’t it lovely to be this way? So relaxing, so why would you change?
However, what if growing outside of this wibbly-ish world means waggly tails and water-flying? Then again, what if you need to be a speedy water-flier to avoid hunger-munchers? Furthermore, could it be that the changes don’t stop there? What about ‘the holding the hands and grabbing the juiceable dinners‘? However what if there are ‘furry danger- monster[s]’ lurking? If you’re new and slow and uncertain, aren’t you a target?
Sarah Tagholm absorbed us with Wolves in Helicopters. It seems that here, readers are drawn into the drama of changes of the wibblies, from content cells, to independent air-swimmers. What’s more, every stage is so exciting and new. It seems everyone is full of danger and wonder. We realise this through the animated expressions, the use of colour overlays and enthusiastic text. Bookwagon loves and recommends We Are the Wibbly! 

1 review for We Are the Wibbly!

  1. Paula Hale

    This is a funny and fabulous story of frogspawn to frog. Loved it. So cute. I particularly love the voice of the characters

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