We Are Together


‘We Are Together’. We can stand up to storm clouds and set backs. We can make our voices heard. Together we can inspire others, feel encouraged and encourage, even when we feel it’s time to stop. Friends warm and comfort, they help us through rough times.

Britta Teckentrup’s compassionate rhyming text is like a global hug. She spares no-one; we are all better together, as a community. Her pictures, with overlaid colours, and circular (Earth) shapes, peppered by 2-D characters, draw us in. As her call to unite continues through the pages, so the number of cut out figures inside each double page, increase.

‘We Are Together’ is a rallying cry, an original, heartening, nourishing hug of a picture book.


We Are Together

Britta Teckentrup

(Caterpillar Books)- hardback

‘If storm clouds gather/ and we’re caught in the rain,/ Let’s splash in the puddles/ till the sun shines again.’ ‘We Are Together‘ is a rallying call to the force of community. One has power, but two or more is a unit, a force, a bond…


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