We Disagree About This Tree


It seems that We Disagree About this Tree consider Mouse and Polar Bear. While one encourages the other to settle back and relax because the decorating is all in hand, it seems neither likes the other’s style.

Baubles? Well they cannot be too large. Then again, lights? Well they mustn’t be too glittery or the effect will demand sunglasses in order to see? Then again, what about candles? Or might they be too incendiary? Furthermore, let’s consider what might be placed on the top of the tree…. A fairy is traditional, but how about a manatee? Or could that overwhelm the whole endeavour?

Ross Collins’ illustrations are so beautiful, so crystal-clear, animated and just a delight to browse through. Then again, his rhyming text is ridiculous and joyful. Bookwagon can imagine sharing We Disagree About this Tree to guffaws of laughter and the need to read it again and again! We recommend this wonderful picture book for reading aloud, loving dearly and gifting, too.

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We Disagree About This Tree

Ross Collins

(Nosy Crow)

‘How wonderful- ‘ the tree’s arrived! What’s more, it seems that the decorating can be left, so ‘just relax’ to ‘see how Christmassy’ this tree’s going to be!
However, might the ‘baubles seem too large‘? Thereafter, might the lights be ‘too glittery‘ that the tree’s ‘so bright’ as to make it impossible to see? Then again, what of the tinsel? Might it be that too much is ‘not how a tree should be’? Furthermore, what of the candles? It is clear that We Disagree About this Tree.
What might be the compromise that Mouse and Polar Bear reach? It seems that this Yuletide rhyming picture book treat from Ross Collins, offers plenty of starry pointers upon which to ponder! For example, should there be a ‘fairy normally’ or might there be ‘a manatee‘ for a change? Then again, might the whole situation end ‘disastrously’ after all, with the manatee being just too much to bear? (Or mouse?)
Bookwagon loves this writer’s joyful, crafty, creative picture books. From There’s a Mouse in My House to What Does an Anteater Eat? and more, every book is one to laugh over, share, quote, read together, treasure and love. Bookwagon suggests We Disagree About this Tree is a splendid choice to share on wintry days and nights, and gift, too.


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