We Found a Cat


It seems We Found a Cat! Yet are you sure? After all this cat has a very loud purr and seems extra friendly! What’s more, it cannot use a door and is very hungry. It seems very interested in Goldie, while Dad looks terrified. Might Dad be keener on dogs? Mum doesn’t seem particularly interested, but then Mum’s not really looked…

Meanwhile, readers have! We feel the same apprehension about this very large, very loud stripy, orange cat in a box. What’s more, we’re rather worried what might be found when it coughs up a hairball….

Heidi McKinnon offers superb shapes, muted colours and tongue-in-cheek humour in a really satisfying, funny, perfectly paced picture book. Bookwagon loves and recommends We Found a Cat.

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We Found a Cat

Heidi McKinnon


Are you sure We Found a Cat? After all, are cats as loud as this one usually? It might have ‘whiskers and love to purr’ yet something isn’t quite right. Or is it? For example, it’s ‘very big’. What’s more it’s ‘very playful’ and ‘very hungry‘ and does not seem able to ‘use a door‘!
Heidi McKinnon’s seemingly simple, block-shaped, sequenced picture book of realisation is such fun. It is reminiscent of Sam and Dave Dig a Hole in the way that we seen the story unfurl. Then again, like that story, we’re inclined to call out at the story, alongside laughing at the reaction of Mum and Dad- ‘Maybe Dad likes dogs better?’ We recommend that Mum takes a look. After all, the situation could be about to become hair raising!
What’s more, the drama grows as comparisons between cats and this feline specimen continue. After all, could its liking for Goldie the goldfish be rather extreme? Then again, what about this hairball? Is it possible that some spark might strike at last?
We Found a Cat is such a great story to share, read again and know well. Bookwagon loves and recommends this picture book to our readers.


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