We Travel So Far…


Did you know that Caribbean Spiny Lobsters link together on their winter migration into deep water? Or that they have their own magnetic compasses? ‘We Travel So Far….’ shares their unique story, alongside other fascinating migration tales of a sample of the world’s animals. From Arctic Tern and Monarch butterflies, to the less familiar European eel’s migration paths, the rhythm and routes are astonishing.

Laura Knowles weaving text of ‘would you believe it?’ style information, within Chris Madden’s bold, matte, fulsome pictures, suggests a complete wonder in their subject. I could imagine children poring over this book, returning to it, quoting it, and loving it. We recommend ‘We Travel So Far…‘ to classrooms and bedroom bookshelves. It is a superb title.

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We Travel So Far…

Laura Knowles, illustrated by Chris Madden


We Travel So Far…. ‘ shares the individual stories of a sample of the world’s migrating animals. From the distances they travel, to their reasons, each story is unique and inspiring.


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