We Were Liars

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Cadence Sinclair does not meet with the Liars, the children of the Sinclair sisters, grandchildren of the patriarch of Clairmont, in summer sixteen. Instead, she is sent to holiday with her father. It seems that something occurred during summer fifteen, something cataclysmic, that left Cadence with head injuries, but little memory.

Therefore, during summer seventeen she retraces….

We learn of the Sinclair family, overwhelmed with wealth and privilege, and a patriarch whose daughters are bound to him, Lear like, determined to win his favour. Thereafter, we learn of the Liars, each damaged by their mother/ stepmother and the Sinclair legacy, overwhelmed by the guilt of their privilege and then the misery of their lives. Cadence tells their stories through fairy tales, each dredged in horror and darkness.

Thereafter, we move to summer seventeen, when Cadence returns to find relationships changed, alongside Clairmont itself. What has happened to the charming building it was once? Thereafter, what has happened to her grandfather…. Can Cadence make the connections as we build up to a twisting, turning revelation?

We Were Liars is a mighty, powerful, absorbing and twisted novel, recommended for our oldest readers.

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We Were Liars

E. Lockhart

(Hot Key Books)

We Were Liars, four friends/ cousins whose intense friendship becomes destructive. It seems that Cadence Sinclair’s family’s wealth ensures perfection at an extreme cost. Every summer the four gather together at Claremont, their grandfather’s estate, to connect and make sense of their lives.
While Cadence’s grandfather’s daughters demand their father’s approval and affection, Cadence and her Liar group, have a different focus. It seems each longs for acceptance but also to be free of their stifling privilege- ‘Silence is a protective coating over pain’. Thereafter, the supposed charmed lives of the Sinclair family is retold through the  Cadence’s fairytales. However, these are dark tales. Then again, there is a void to the stories….
It seems that in summer fifteen when the group of friends gather, something monumental will occur. Somehow, the hotbed of the cousins’ despair boils over into a desperate, self-absorbed plan.
However, Cadence is denied summer sixteen at her grandfather’s . It will be another year before Cadence returns to Clairmont. It seems as though everything is changed, from her grandfather to relationships. What’s more, nobody is willing to explain things to Cadence. Furthermore, because of head injuries from summer fifteen, she cannot remember. It means that Cadence is left trying to pick up the pieces. Could it be that summer seventeen will provide the answers?
E. Lockhart received monumental acclaim for We Were Liars alongside awards such as the Good Reads YA Fiction title. Bookwagon recommends this stirring story for older, teen readers, alongside other books such as Cinderella is Dead.

1 review for We Were Liars

  1. Madison

    this book was amazing right from the beginning and had a great plot twist at the end. I enjoyed the whole thing.

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