We See Everything


This gripping and powerful thriller is set in the London of a near future.  People are under siege, at war with a government that puts its citizens under constant surveillance. We See Everything simmers with tension and emotion.  Lex lives in the overcrowded, excluded, bombed-out shell of London. The enemy drones that buzz in the air are ever-present.  Alan’s talent as a gamer has resulted in the job of his dreams at a military base in a secret location.  He is about to start work as a drone pilot.Although they will never meet, Alex and Lex are destined to be enemies.  Their lives will collide. Lex’s father is involved in the resistance movement. He is a wanted man.  He has been assigned to Alan as a high-profile target.

As the tension builds towards a shocking climax, the lives of these two men are contrasted to great effect.  ‘We See Everything‘ is a gripping, thrilling and thought provoking read. Bookwagon is delighted to recommend this title to its older readers.


We See Everything

William Sutcliffe


Why are the lives of Lex and Alex destined to collide? Could it be something to do with Alan’s gaming skills? These have led to his new role as a drone pilot. Can he fulfil a command to eliminate high profile security targets? People like Lex’s father, involved in the resistance movement? ‘We See Everything‘ grips us. While set in a near future, this story is possible and relevant.
‘We See Everything‘ is a powerful thriller for older readers. Bookwagon recommends this cracking title highly!


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