Well Done, Mummy Penguin


Where’s Mummy Penguin going? Daddy Penguin suggests that he and Little Penguin watch her journey. Thereafter, they see her ‘swoosh swoosh swoosh’ as she swims to catch fish. Then again, they see her ‘whoosh whoosh whoosh’ leaping from the water to the ice floe. it seems she’s ‘coming back already’.

However, Mummy’s journey involves more! It seems she wants to ‘be back soon’, but she’s a cliff to climb- ‘cu- crunch cu- crunch cu-crunch’. She must ‘be careful on the ice’. Then again, further care must be taken on the next stage, for Mummy must ‘sneak past the sleeping seals’. Mummy’s such an expert dinner catcher, leaper and climber that she’ll be fine here, won’t she? Then again, if anything goes wrong upon her route, what will she do?

Bookwagon delights in Chris Haughton’s printed pictures, with their bold coloured plains and animated characterisations. Then again, as in Well Done, Mummy Penguin, there’s such warmth and tenderness in the storytelling. Altogether, it makes Bookwagon adamant, that his books, including this wonderful latest addition, should be part of every reader’s reading repertoire and bedtime reading selection!

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Well Done, Mummy Penguin

Chris Haughton

(Walker Books)

Little Penguin’s concerned at where his Mummy’s headed. It seems she’s ‘going to get dinner‘ according to Daddy. Thereafter, the two watch out for her. It seems ‘she’s waving‘ and then ‘darting this way and that‘ while ‘trying to catch fish’. Little Penguin’s full of admiration at Mummy’s swimming abilities. What’s more, he watches Mummy’s jumping and leaping as she returns. Well Done, Mummy Penguin. Daddy Penguin’s reassurance is sought that she’ll be back soon.
However, there’s slippery ice to crunch upon on the homeward journey. Then again, she will have to ‘sneak past the sleeping seals’. Will she make it? Or might she have to begin all over again? It seems that ‘nothing’s going to stop Mummy Penguin'[‘s] passage home!
The design of Well Done, Mummy Penguin is impeccable, as we anticipate from Chris Haughton. However the expectation, pace and journey are beautifully formed within this wonderful picture book. It means that at each stage of Mummy’s journey we ‘swoosh swish swoosh’ or ‘whoosh whoosh whoosh‘ and ‘cu-crunch cu-crunch cu-crunch’ in partnership. Like other books by this writer-illustrator, including Don’t Worry, Little Crab, for example, Bookwagon recommends it as essential to readers’ experience and repertoire. What a perfect picture book for sharing and loving.


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