What Jobs Could YOU Do?


What Jobs Could YOU Do? If you like being in charge, maybe you cold be a ‘police officer’, a ‘pilot‘ or even ‘a conductor‘ before an orchestra. Yet, if you like being quiet, you might consider a job as a ‘sleep scientist’ who ‘studies people snoozing to find out about sleep’. Or maybe a ‘yoga teacher’ or ‘wildlife photographer’.

Alongside a vast selection of occupations, Catherine Barr, asks readers considers what sort of setting they enjoy most, hence noise or quiet, cleanliness or mess. Thereafter, she has us thinking about our preferred activities, such as having ‘fun with numbers‘ or gearing towards writing, drawing or machines.

Furthermore, Ana Gomez offers such a gallery of people, each practising a different role alongside the description of what each does. Altogether, it creates a fascinating, stimulating lineup of people’s professions, activities and opportunities.

Bookwagon recommends What Jobs Could YOU Do? to our readers.

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What Jobs Could YOU Do?

Pick the Things You Enjoy Doing and Find Your Perfect Job!

Catherine Barr and Ana Gomez

(Red Shed)

What Jobs Could YOU Do? Maybe ‘you like the challenge of fixing things’, or perhaps you’re somebody prefers ‘to be quiet‘. It seems that ‘knowing what makes you happy‘ helps you make your decision. Then again, you might be somebody who wants to make things, like a ‘a blacksmith‘ who ‘bends and shapes things out of hot metal’. Furthermore, you could ‘want to solve mysteries‘ like ‘a crytopologist‘ who ‘unravels secret computer codes’.
Alongside the raft of behaviours and preferences suggested by Catherine Barr, are examples of jobs and the actions and responsibilities of each. It means that we’ve a gallery of suggestions, that not only inspire us, but make us consider working lives, rather like All Through the Night. Thereafter, we consider the jobs of people who ‘want to be outside‘, from a ‘fishing boat captain‘ to a ‘tree surgeon’ or a ‘PE teacher‘. What’s more, when we think of people who have ‘fun with numbers‘, we are introduced to ‘an engineer’ who ‘uses maths to design and build things’ or a ‘football statistician’.
Altogether, this is a thoroughly absorbing and motivating picture book, with bright, whimsical, but really enjoyable pictures from Ana Gomez, and evident considered research from Catherine Barr. Bookwagon recommends What Jobs Could YOU Do? to our readers.


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