What Lexie Did


What Lexie Did is so out of character that Lexie frightens herself. Life in her tight Greek-Cypriot family is full of traditions and certainty. Truth is a certainty, but suddenly, Lexie finds herself questioning truth. She is questioning her relationship with her cousin, Eleni, her ‘twin’, too. Somehow, Eleni’s new friend has changed their balance. After all, she doesn’t want to be Lexie’s friend, too. Then there’s grandmother’s bequest, the treasure she’s left….

Could this be a way for Lexie to make a change. However, how will Lexie cope with the choice she makes? Bookwagon loves this superb, gripping novel for middle grade readers and recommends it highly.

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What Lexie Did

Emma Shevah

(Chicken House)

What Lexie Did is entirely out of character for our main character. Lexie’s life is routine, predictable and routed in the tradition of her Greek- Cypriot family. It seems that she is the ‘good girl’ with a ‘twin-like’ relationship with her cousin, Eleni. After all, she is five days younger, and Lexie’s credited with saving her life.
Suddenly, Lexie’s certainties have shifted. It seems there’s a new girl within the community who wants Eleni’s, but not Lexie’s, friendship. What’s more, their grandmother has broken tradition in a bequest, one that will shatter the family.
What Lexie Did is a very readable story. We are part of Lexie’s thinking as she struggles to make sense of her family’s and community’s behaviour. It seems we’re with her as she seeks to work out what she should do for the best. However, we have no answers for Lexie. There are no words from her grandmother’s God, while her endless notebook writings do little to aid Lexie’s confusion either. Bookwagon recommends this superb title from  Emma Shevah.  As with her Dream On Amber, fro example, the writing is fresh, meaningful and direct. Then again, the story is very realistic and approachable. This is a really satisfying story.


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