What Not to Do If You Turn Invisible


I loved the hero of Ross Welford’s Time Travelling with a Hamster . Ethel Leatherhead is not Al. However, despite the physical imperfections over which she obsesses, that initiate the crisis at the heart of ‘What Not to Do If You Turn Invisible’, Ethel demonstrates the same strength of character, individuality and keen family ties. She doesn’t buckle down or conform despite slings, arrows, slurs and injustice.

When Ethel resorts to home remedies to overcome her acne, the results are entirely unexpected. But then, unexpected results perpetuate this rip-roaring book, from an apprehensive friendship with the overbearing Boydy, to the secrets at the heart of her grandmother’s seeming indifference.

I was urged to include ‘What Not to Do If You Turn Invisible’ by keen readers who have really loved this book. There is no such recommendation as that of a keen reader! They have provoked me into appreciating this title anew so that I fully recommend it to Bookwagon readers.

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What Not to Do If You Turn Invisible

Ross Welford

(Harper Collins)

‘What Not to Do If You Turn Invisible‘ is something that Ethel Leatherhead has to discover quickly. Despite adversity, Ethel has determination and wit. Will they carry her through an essential investigation? Can she go beyond the vagaries of a strange tanning machine?


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