What the Artist Saw: Frida Kahlo


Frida Kahlo learned photographic skills from her father, but was inspired by the natural world around her, which she examined scientifically. Illness and injury prevented a medical career, but prompted her to return to painting and then portraiture. However, her association with Diego Rivera, and then further inspiration from other artists and creatives, moved her further.

What the Artist Saw: Frida Kahlo is a superb biography, rich with wonderful illustration and activities. Like other books within this outstanding series, the information is fascinating. Then again, there is so much to learn about, to build upon and participate with.

Bookwagon loves and recommends What the Artist Saw: Frida Kahlo. It is a sumptuous, glorious title.

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What the Artist Saw: Frida Kahlo

She painted her world in self-portraits

Written by Amy Guglielmo, illustrated by Natalia Rojas Castro


In my opinion, no matter how difficult it is for you, you must continue to paint,‘ Diego Rivera is reported to have told Frida Kahlo when she ‘asked him to -look at her art‘. It seems the pair  first met when he’d painted a mural at her school. However he was one of many influences, though the greatest,  that formed the vast collection of her works that we’ve come to know, recognise and love.
What the Artist Saw: Frida Kahlo is a significant addition to a mighty series from The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Like other books in the group, including Faith Ringgold and Georgia O’Keeffe, this is information and inspiration rich. Then again, along the way, as we realise the turbulence and peaks of Frida’s life, we’re invited to participate. For example, we’re invited to take a sketchbook outside, to use the world around us as a source of inspiration. Then again, what about imagining favourite animals within different settings?
Amy Guglielmo is a thorough and relevant researcher, while the illustrations from Natalia Rojas Castro are vivid and glorious. It means that we step into Frida’s world, to see the world from her recovery window, or the gardens she created at La Casa Azul.
Bookwagon loves and recommends What the Artist Saw: Frida Kahlo highly to readers and artists of all ages.


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