What We See In The Stars


Kelsey Oseid has taken her childhood experience of planetariums, science and museums to create a truly thorough and fascinating book. ‘What We See In The Stars‘ is an illustrated history and fact-filled information trove of astronomy. We learn about the ancients’ views and interpretation of the solar system including links to mythology and belief. The constellations are described and shown in such clear detail, that even this Bookwagon reader, has a hope of identification.

Areas of the moon, the power and composition of the sun, identifiable variations between our planets, meteors. comets and asteroids, are explored and explained so clearly. The writer moves into ‘deep space’ a prospect that clearly does not daunt her, for her research is so well defined and demonstrated.

This is a wonderful guidebook. It is appealing, interesting and offers something long-lasting in its relevance, composition and structure. We have taken a long time to find a really good astronomy book, and in ‘What We See In The Stars‘ we think we’ve hit our Saggitarius mark!

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What We See In The Stars

An Illustrated Tour of the Night Sky

Kelsey Oseid

(Boxtree) – hardback

From its size and shape to its structure, What We See In The Stars is a an outstanding title. We appreciate the way that it is so user-friendly and readable. Furthermore, it offers readers a fascinating exploration of all things astronomical. It seems like the writer has such respect for the reader in the way that she presents her information so succinctly
Rather like such titles as How to Be an Astronaut or The Spacesuit What We See in the Stars is an enthusiastic project. Like those titles it includes readers with less knowledge alongside those who are space enthusiasts. Therefore, we are delighted to have found this superb information book. Bookwagon recommends this title to readers at home and school.


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