What’s Next?


Baby Badger awakens in his snuggly nighttime home as night is falling full of curiosity-  ‘What’s Next?’ He knows ‘his underground home inside out’ so it’s time to explore beyond and above. What will he discover?

Daddy and Baby Badger venture into the forest above their sett. Jane McGuinness suggests the awesome wonder with seemingly paint/ light splattered twinkles, rich with texture and possibility.

Daddy Badger shares the softest moss and where to find bluebell bulbs. They moon gaze from the most perfect place. Yet Baby Badger wants to know ‘What’s Next?’ What happens when Baby Badger’s curiosity urges him to venture out beyond Daddy Badger, into a world that is lesser known to badgers?

This is a world of ‘warm and fresh and just-been-rained-on’, a world of ‘green grass and organs flowers, red berries, brown birds and purple butterflies‘. Baby Badger is overwhelmed by the ‘whole different forest‘. We ask, concerned by Baby Badger’s solitude in this alien, day world,  ‘What’s Next?’ 

Timothy Knapmans’ sequence, the lilting, descriptive, almost poetic text, within fresh, glorious pictures, arrive at a thoroughly satisfying, beautiful picture book. ‘What’s Next?‘ is a perfect bedtime choice, a  ‘forever‘ book, that demands to be cherished, known and loved.


What’s Next?

Timothy Knapman, illustrated by Jane McGuinness

(Walker Books)- hardback

‘What’s Next?’ for Baby Badger. From his safe, familiar underground home he ventures out. First of all he encounters the forest of bluebell bulbs, soft moss and a perfect place to moon gaze. Thereafter, it’s sleep, yet Baby Badger is fizzing with wonder- ‘What’s Next?‘ Where will his curiosity take him? It seems like he demands more than Daddy Badger can share, possibly a world of colour and light?
Timothy Knapman’s sequences his lullaby-like, poetic text perfectly. We love Jane McGuinness’s light splattered pictures that suggest the wonder of new discoveries. ‘What’s Next?‘ is a perfect bedtime sharing story to be shared and loved.


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