What’s the Big Idea?


What’s the Big Idea? is a fabulous introduction for young people on some of the most important ideas, beliefs and areas of study in the world today.  Have you ever wondered what democracy means, or racism, feminism and communism?  Tracey Turner offers simple explanations for sometimes difficult concepts and ideas.  More than 100 terms are included, enabling a better understanding of the issues.  Take part in some of the most important debates in our world!

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What’s the Big Idea?

Important Ideas Simply Explained

Tracey Turner, illustrated by Tequitia Andrews

(Simon & Schuster)

What’s the Big Idea? is an excellent guide for young people to some of the most important ideas, beliefs and ‘ologies’ in the world today.  Have you ever wondered what feminism, epidemiology, totalitarianism and democracy actually are?  This super book provides simple explanations and definitions that strip away opinion and concentrate on widely agreed definitions.  Author Tracey Turner offers straightforward descriptions and the clear text is complimented by bold and colourful illustrations by Tequitia Andrews.  Many of the descriptions also provide fascinating insights into the origins of the terminology and concepts.
More than 100 crucial, yet often misunderstood words and concepts are explained.  The book ranges across areas of medical study, faiths and religion, political beliefs, society and industry.  There are chapters on studies, thoughts, running things, culture and arts and books. All are explained to offer clarity and understanding. There is a particularly helpful glossary and index for easy reference. Take part in some of the most important conversations in our world!  This is such an excellent book for the young inquiring mind, thoroughly recommended.
Bookwagon also stocks Big Ideas for Young Thinkers – another excellent survey of ideas and terminology.


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