When Dad’s Hair Took Off


When Dad’s Hair Took Off is a super funny early chapter book from master German children’s book author and illustrator Jörg Mühle.

Dad is always combing and brushing his hair – not least because he is concerned about hair loss.  His hair however, is getting thoroughly fed up with being pawed and preened all the time.  So the hair decides to, well, just take off.  It removes itself from Dad’s head and goes off on a round the world trip.  Dad tries his best to bring his hair to heel, but he can’t.  He sees his hair drifting off on the breeze, wafting over the park and hiding at the zoo.  Dad realises however just how many things actually look exactly like hair.

Dad gives up and tries to reconcile himself to the treacherous departure of his hair.  New hair won’t grow back.  To really add insult to injury, one day Dad starts to receive postcards from exotic places from his hair.  The hair is really having a great time: ‘Wish you were hair’.  Then, a really remarkable thing happens…

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When Dad’s Hair Took Off

Jörg Mühle

(Gecko Press)

When Dad’s Hair Took Off is another one of Jörg Mühle‘s very funny early chapter books.  One day, Dad’s hair decided it was fed up of being constantly brushed and combed by Dad.  The hair wanted independence and a life of its own.  So it decided that in order to see the world, it would have to just take off.
So off it went.  Out of the bathroom, into the kitchen, and before you could say, “Hairsta la vista, baby!” it was gone.  Taken away on the wind it flew, with Dad in pursuit.  Dad gave chase around the town. At one point, he spies  his hair hiding in the lawn, then on the road, at then at the zoo. Dad realises how many things really do look just like hair.  So Dad gives up.
Dad tries to get used to life without his hair. Just as he is becoming accepting of his baldness and his hair’s treachery, then some postcards start to arrive. They are from Dad’s hair.  The hair is on a round-the-world trip….and Dad is still bald. Amazingly, one day the unbelievable happens….the hair has done it’s grand tour and comes back.
This is a very funny, fast-paced delight.  It is packed full of Jörg Mühle‘s trademark absurd humour and witty illustrations.  Children newly venturing towards early chapter books will love the inventive story wordplay, wacky plot development and the entire silliness of it all.
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