When Dinosaurs Walked the Earth


It was dangerous to be Smallasaurus When Dinosaurs Walked to Earth. Although she might have a plant- based diet, which means a breakfast of ‘small and juicy ferns’ it seems that Smallasaurus was another, bigger dinosaur’s notion of breakfast….

Therefore, Smallasaurus’ walnut sized brain could be pressured to realise that she must escape from a predatory Badasaurus. It might mean that she turns in the wrong direction when running away. In fact she could end up on a cliff edge, which suggests that that’s the end of Smallasaurus….

Then again, what if her hunter has an even smaller sized brain? Could it mean that things don’t go exactly to plan? However, what if returning to that small and juicy patch of ferns lures Smallasaurus anew? Surely, Badasaurus wouldn’t be lying in wait again? Could he? Then again, what if Smallasaurus hides between a tree? Really?

Bookwagon loves this hilarious, imaginative, dramatic picture book. Sean Taylor and Zehra Hicks have created a picture book that begs to be read aloud, often, repeatedly, recited, known and loved. When Dinosaurs Walked the Earth is a triumph!

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When Dinosaurs Walked the Earth

A hungry dino story!

Sean Taylor and Zehra Hicks

(Frances Lincoln)

When Smallasaurus set off to eat a breakfast of ‘sweet and juicy ferns’, little did she realise how events might unfold. After all, she’s a brain the size of a walnut. How much could she be expected to know? For example, might there be a Badasaurus delighted to see a plant- based diet Smallasaurus headed in his direction? It seemed this was the way of things When Dinosaurs Walked the Earth.
What’s more, might a Smallasaurus with the brain of a walnut possibly be at an advantage when trying to outwit a Badasaurus? After all, when it comes to turning the wrong way, might there be another of her species who doesn’t think too carefully about his steps?
Then again, these sweet and juicy ferns seem the perfect breakfast for a Smallasaurus, who might return to them whatever the cost, or danger! However, where is Badasaurus? Surely he could not have returned? How on earth can a walnut sized Smallasaurus possibly outwit a bigger member of her species- again?
Sean Taylor’s picture books are always entertaining, a delight to read aloud, and often. Then again, we’re overjoyed to see this collaboration with Zehra Hicks, wonderful creator of titles including Cheeky Monkey. Bookwagon loves and recommends When Dinosaurs Walked the Earth. It is a total joy. In fact, these two Bookwagon readers might tussle to read it aloud before school audiences!


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