When I am Happiest


It’s the end of Dani’s school year and she is busy summing up her experiences, as ever looking for those that make her happiest. However, just when we thought she would celebrate in her new dress and shoes before a long summer holiday with Dad, Cat and her hamsters, a messenger arrives at the classroom door with news for her. Bad news…..

This is a highly readable series, and the third book, ‘When I Am Happiest‘ as ever, reveals Dani at her best and worst. We care about her, whether she’s worried about her family, or missing Ella. At the same time we feel frustrated when she doesn’t behave as we wish she would.

Bad news is hard to read about, and the author doesn’t spare any punches in ‘When I Am Happiest‘. We know that this is a potentially devastating time for Dani. However, in Rose Lagercrantz’s considered hands, the new reader is led gently and respectfully into Dani’s world, supporting, understanding and loving her.


When I am Happiest

Rose Lagercrantz and Eva Eriksson

(Gecko Press)

Dani considers her year, thinking about ‘When I Am Happiest’. Missing Ella, family, her pets, and a holiday ahead. When a messenger delivers bad news to Dani’s classroom door, it seems holiday joy is no longer possible. As ever, this is touching, real and thoughtful storytelling. ‘When I Am Happiest‘ is a superb (third) addition to this series.


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