When I Was a Child


When I Was a Child‘ the world was full of treasures, wonders, possibilities. Grandma reminisces. From buttercup- and- daffodil ice cream to colours that didn’t fade, she expands. The world was unending. There was colour, creativity, magic, but now?

Emily takes Grandma’s hand. We join them beyond Grandma’s grey, tired, old impressions, to the places Grandma once knew. ‘There are faces in raindrops, the world is a diamond string‘ promises Emily. From heartbeats in mountains, to horses that are fish, Emily reveals the wonders Grandma thought lost.

Andy Stanton’s lyrical, rhyming text dazzles. Accompanied  by gouache-rich seeming, kaleidoscopic pictures by David Litchfield, ‘When I Was a Child‘ is glorious and emotional. This book is a treasure. ‘When I Was a Child‘ is to be shared, loved, lingered over and cherished. The possibilities are endless…


When I Was a Child

Andy Stanton & David Litchfield

(Hodder Children’s) 

When I Was a Child‘ the world was a myriad of possibilities…. Let’s journey and discover anew elephants in the sky and kingdoms under the sea. Long ago, there was music in everyone and steps up to the stars. Now? The magic is vanished. Emily isn’t so sure. We hold her hand and explore the places she goes…


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