When Poems Fall from the Sky


Do we pulse with hope ‘in the magic house of seeds‘ that ‘the taste of sweet water/ heat of bright sun/ and the/ forever/rich and loud// songs of earth‘ might continue? In one of the longest, most magnificent poems within Zaro Weil’s outstanding The Poems Fall from the Sky, we read and understand the history and hopes of life and nature.

This poem encompasses all the wisdom, hopes and observations within this superb book, inspired by the Royal Botanic Gardens Kew. We read of the individual concerns and thoughts of five trees from the sapling, to the lone survivor. Then again, we hear three nightingales, seeking ‘gentle’ safety ‘inside that bristled/ hedgerow-tangle’ opening their throats so that their ‘melodies/ and all earth/ shouts loud-/ with- song’.

There are haiku that fall like melted caramel, and plays, as from the Fairy Godmother/ Mother Nature’s dialogue with Humans- ‘But who in the world is this Mother Nature?/Have we met her?

We feel the poet’s mission, inspiration and message, alongside exalting in her craft. Thereafter, we languish within the glorious, empathetic prints of Junli Song.

Altogether, When Poems Fall from the Sky is a quite wonderful poetry book that Bookwagon recommends highly for home and school, for reading, sharing, knowing and gifting.

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When Poems Fall from the Sky

Royal Botanic Gardens Kew

Zaro Weil, illustrated by Junli Song

(ZaZa Kids Books/ Troika)– hardback

When Poems Fall from the Sky, they arrive like blossom, if written by Zaro Weil and illustrated by Junli Song. Their collaboration has created an exceptional poetry book. Not only does it celebrate  the Royal Botanic Gardens Kew, but exalts in the power of words and pictures.
Thereafter, we ease into the seasons. This means that we contemplate the glory of ‘spring/ rolling over the garden/ igniting pinks/ summoning greens’. Then, we play within a Butterfly’s Song.
After this, we journey through an enticing Hickory Dickory Mirth, where the ‘flowers went singing in glee‘ to consider an ‘inky tattoo’ shadow, ‘a shape-changing/ bobble-dark creature’. It seems  these poems draw us to admit the wonder of life and living. What’s more, this state of happiness continues into the variety of writing. It means we enjoy a tongue- in- cheek play performed by wasps pollinating a fig tree! The personification continues, furthermore, as trees describe their experiences, from ‘roots’ that ‘surge faster plunge deeper’ to another who weeps ‘as only a tree can‘ when its ‘wooded family/ lose their places/ are / no/ more’.
Ants and Seeds have their voices too, while Birds and Trees and Mother Nature take centre stage in poetic plays. Altogether the range, variety, subject matter and messages are glorious and vibrant. What’s more, there is a wealth of haiku, as we enjoy in Zaro Weil’s Polka Dot Poems. Furthermore, the prints created for this title by Junli Song fit so perfectly, while exalting in their subjects.
It means that When Poems Fall from the Sky is a superb, fulfilling and exhilarating production that Bookwagon is proud to recommend and sell.


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