When Sadness Comes to Call


You cannot predict When Sadness Comes to Call. It creeps up and you, shadows you and suffocates so tightly that you do not know how you might breathe. Yet somehow, this beautiful picture book suggests, you should recognise it, give it a name and ‘ask where it comes from and what it needs.’ 

Maybe you should nurture it. Perhaps take it for walks and sit down and listen to it. If it doesn’t want to stay inside, maybe you could let it out sometimes. It could be that you find things that it enjoys like ‘hot chocolate‘ or ‘listening to music‘. However, advises Eva Eland through her gentle, empathetic text, and open-ended, pastel toned pictures, be aware that you’re not alone. Furthermore ‘there’s always a new day’, one in which sadness may have gone.


When Sadness Comes to Call

Eva Eland

(Andersen Press)

When Sadness Comes to Call it can feel overwhelming. It seems like a huge shadow ‘follows you around/ And sits so close to you that you can hardly breathe.‘ Furthermore ‘Sadness arrives unexpectedly‘ without warning.
Eva Eland’s classic picture book is direct and knowing in its text and message. Therefore we feel her empathy. This is extends through her limited colour palette and indefinite settings and characterisation. There is an ‘every person’ sense to her impression.
Like No Longer Alone or Everyone Walks Away reading this book hurts. We are left with lumps in our throat of recognition and a need to support. That’s When Sadness Comes to Call is meant to do. It’s also meant to help, for listening, recognising, nurturing and taking time might mean that on a new day, Sadness has disappeared.

Winer of the Klaus Flugge Prize for Illustration


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