When the Storm Came


When the Storm Came, Little Frog is caught unawares. Normally, the frogs ‘would climb down from the branches to play in the river’ when the wind blows and the rain falls. However this sudden storm leaves Little Frog hanging until he is blown ‘into the old tree stump’. 

The frogs all stay away from the old tree stump. After all The Big Scary Thing with the glowing eyes lives there. It only comes out at night. So what might happen to Little Frog? Could it be the end, or might Little Frog be ‘grabbed and held tight’? Thereafter, what might happen if the Storm continues and grows so that it throws ‘everything up, up into the air’ including The Big Scary Thing alongside some (terrified) little- Scary Things?

Bookwagon loves the sequence, the drama and then the clear message of this story. Then again, the rain rich pictures algonside the movement and contrast grip us. It seems that we see Little Frog growing and understanding before our eyes!

Bookwagon loves and recommends When the Storm Came for reading at bedtime and sharing in assemblies. What a beautiful and powerful picture book.

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When the Storm Came

Chris Naylor- Ballesteros

(Andersen Press)

‘The frog family lived by the river. When the sun shone they played among the leaves and branches on the river bank‘. However the frogs know to stay away from ‘The Big Scary Thing’ that lives in the ‘old tree stump’.After all it has glowing eyes and comes out at night.
Thereafter, what if there comes a day When the Storm Came ,when the frogs cannot all stay safe? That the wind and weather’s so strong that Little Frog is blown right into the tree stump, into the gaze of ‘The Big Scary Thing’? Then again, might this moment form an understanding? That this ‘Big Scary Thing’ offers comfort and security when the world is wild and scary?
Chris Naylor-Ballesteros delights readers with his picture books. Just think of The Suitcase for example, or his wonderful Frank and Bert series! There is such humanity, empathy, warmth and hope. Then again, When the Storm Came offers a chance connection that inspires Little Frog to show courage and care. Once agin the story is so humane and conscience rich. However this glorious, rain drenched, leaf littered picture book is also a statement about nature.
Bookwagon suggests that When the Storm Came is an inspired choice for sharing in assemblies, for loving, knowing, referring to and acting upon, too.


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