When the Wild Calls


Although Juniper and Bear escaped the City to find their family, they left behind Annie Rose, their grandmother, and Etienne, Juniper’s best friend. The City is governed by a harsh authority, fearful of all infection, that erases any sign of the natural world. Insubordination is not tolerated. In fact, there’s the Institute for anyone who dares to question the authority of Portia Steel.

Therefore, Juniper’s need to return to rescue Annie-Rose and Etienne is risky. What’s more, she’s not to know what’s been happening since she left, including Etienne’s part in the trials. Then again, what are the trials for? Why are there notresults?

Furthermore, it seems that there is a silent, secret resistance appearing in the City. What’s more, Ennerdale, Juniper and Bear’s new home in the wild, includes Elders, suspicious of anyone new, fearful of infection.

Bookwagon is enthralled by When the Wild Calls. Nicola Penfold presents a thoroughly empathetic, rich, considered, literate and fitting story about nature, its role in our lives and our need to be heard. We recommend When the Wild Calls to all emotionally intelligent, aware, questioning middle grade readers. It is outstanding.

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When the Wild Calls

Nicola Penfold

(Little Tiger Press)

Juniper and Bear sought a hopeful escape Where the World Turns Wild. In fact, we endured a perilous journey with them, from the city to Ennerdale. It seems that Ennerdale is everything the siblings ever hoped for- nearly. However, this paradise is sorely protected, not least by the Elders, who do not want its disease free boundaries invaded.
Then again, Juniper’s need to return to the city to rescue her grandmother and best friend, Etienne, is desperate. After all, she knows how harsh the regime is. Meanwhile, what is happening to Etienne and Annie-Rose? Could it be that Portia Steel’s forces are ever more angered and armed? Or might it be that there’s a Polecat resistance to these authorities?
 Nicola Penfold presents a brave, breathtaking story in When the Wild Calls. This standalone sequel considers our environment, disease, community and the role of nature in our wellbeing. Thereafter, we draw breath to dive headlong with Juniper, and then again, Etienne, as they face extraordinary pressures. What will they discover about the places in which they live, and then themselves? Furthermore, what are the secrets revealed that are set to influence their actions?
Bookwagon loves and recommends When the Wild Calls to all our emotionally mature, curious middle grade readers. It is stirring and wonderful.


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