When You Reach Me


Miranda feels like a bystander in all that is going on around her. There is her mother’s forthcoming television appearance and the absence of her best friend, Sal. There are anonymous notes of prediction found in odd places. Miranda is working out relationships, routes and routines, and where and how to be, against a ticking clock to a £20, 000 question.

When You Reach Me’ is a really thoughtful, intelligent book that gets into the main character’s head as she wrestles with change and identity during a potent period of her life. This title won the prestigious ‘Newbery Medal’- understandably.


When You Reach Me

Rebecca Stead

(Andersen Press)

When You Reach Me is a play on word and time. It’s also a dilemma for Miranda, our main character. She’s suffering the loss of her friendship with Sal, whose basketball playing has become bigger than anything than he and Miranda had before. At least, that’s how it feels for Miranda. Meanwhile her mother is focusing on her forthcoming appearance on a games show. There are endless questions, endless notes. Furthermore there are notes for Miranda, that seem to predict her future. How and why?
 This is the book for readers who ask questions and look for answers in all sorts of places. Miranda is asking questions of her mother, father and friend. Who is writing the notes? What are the signs she is receiving?
We know that Rebecca Stead’s titles are intelligent and demanding. From First Light to Liar & Spy we hunt for clues and watch for timelines. When You Reach Me is no different. It is compelling, curious and utterly convincing. Bookwagon recommends this title highly.

Newbery Medal winner


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