When’s My Birthday?


When’s My Birthday?’ Is it tomorrow? Tuesday? Spring? You could wear fancy dress, or bring a chicken. A big cake with chocolate and candles? ‘When’s My Birthday?

The constant refrain of desperate text is familiar. The countdown seems interminable, the facts uncertain. In the confident hands of poet Julie Fogliano, the birthday child’s plea for answers and certainties are real, fun and insistent.

The words marry wonderfully with the two-dimensional, approachable, almost cut-out images crafted by Caldecott-winning illustrator, Christian Robinson.

I suggest ‘When’s My Birthday?‘ as an ideal birthday gift, a great choice to read aloud, and a title that will be reread and remembered by many young readers.

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When’s My Birthday?

Julie Fogliano and Christian Robinson

(Walker Books) – hardback 

‘When’s My Birthday?‘ Where is it then? How many days until my special day? Again, how might I celebrate? Is it truly for me, alone? The questions continue, the refrain repeated. When IS it again? Spring? What would you like for your gift? A chicken?
I love the insistence within the verse text from Julie Fogliano. It means that we can almost hear the refrain! Then again, the insistence is clearly empathised by the bold, pictures Christian Robinson. Somehow, the fact that they are so stark, within the bold backgrounds, makes the words ring! Thereafter, is it possible that there will be answers to every question? Every repetition? What’s more, how will this day be celebrated? By whom and when? Furthermore, what age is being celebrated? It seems there is so much to learn and see, too!
There are few titles that focus on this subject within a range of festivities. However, it is one that is counted down for, longed and thereafter a single, self- focused day (or so it might seem!). Meanwhile, we’re shown How to Have a Birthday within this alternative selection!
However, first, we need the reminder, so…. When’s My Birthday? 


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