Where Dani goes, happy follows


Dani has decided to travel to Northbrook to surprise Ella for her birthday. It involves a long train journey from Stockholm and she’s travelling alone. Grandma and Grandad are a little unsure about the proposition.They’re looking after Dani while Dad is in Rome with his parents. Yet Dani is determined, until the journey…

‘Where Dani goes, happy follows’ surely. That’s what is said about her! Cushion (also known as Alexander) is always happy too. He’d love to take the empty space next to Dani in class. The one that Ella left. It would make him very happy. Cushion is embarking on his own journey to take Dani a present.

What will happen when Dani arrives in Northbrook? Will Ella’s mother be there to welcome her, as agreed with Grandma? Will the nice lady sitting opposite to Dani aboard the train make sure she gets off at the right stop?

Where Dani goes, happy follows’ is the latest in the wonderful series that began with  My Happy Life. These stories are authentic, respectful and direct. We are proud to recommend and sell them.


Where Dani goes, happy follows

Rose Lagercrantz and Eva Eriksson

(Gecko Press)

Dani’s teacher calls her ‘Happy Dani.’ She’s not as happy as Cushion (sometimes known as Alexander) who longs to sit in Ella’s chair, next to Dani. Dani isn’t happy when Dad goes to Rome and she has to stay with Grandma and Grandad. She’s happy at the thought of being a ‘best present’, an event, to celebrate Ella’s birthday, however. It demands a big journey on her own. She can manage, can’t she? After all, ‘Where Dani goes, happy follows’…


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