Where Happiness Begins


Do you know Where Happiness Begins? Is it hiding, or maybe shadowing our movements? Where is it when we’re absolutely overwhelmed, as though we’re working through a dense forest of worries and fears? Could it be in tiny capsules or medicine bottles, something to be measured? Or is it there awaiting our attention, a suggestion that it can be found, that happiness is a constant in our lives?

Eva Eland’s companion piece to her inspiring When Sadness Comes to Call is a heartwarming, necessary picture book. The pictures are vital to the story, with symbolic colours, such message in the movement and shaping, that emphasise the writer’s encouragement. Be reassured that there will come a time for everyone Where Happiness Begins. 


Where Happiness Begins

Eva Eland

(Andersen Press)- hardback

Spring lies ahead and we’re looking forward to a time Where Happiness Begins. Beyond Spring, happiness has ‘disguises and goes by different names’. While it may seem to be hiding, it can be ‘right there with you wherever you go.‘ Sometimes it’s hard to get your way through all that seems to stand between you and happiness, yet it’s ‘there, waiting‘.
Following from her magnificent When Sadness Comes to Call is Eva Eland’s empathetic and necessary call out to happiness. Her text is encouraging and approachable. However, Eva Eland’s illustrations elevate this book, like its predecessor, to another level. Within deep white framing she varies the sizing of our character, the density and shadows of her setting to suggest our universal search for happiness.
I love the way Eva Eland makes the reader’s eyes travel over pages, that begin to dance with hints of yellow, bold pink, open horizon possibilities. After all, aren’t we all seeking happiness. It’s with each of us, Where Happiness Begins


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