Where in the World Are You?


Where is the cat? Might it be there, beneath the ‘wobbly table‘? Yet, where is the ‘wobbly table’? Could we find it behind the ‘green door‘ on the ‘blue rug’ in the ‘yellow room‘? Then again, what will we find if we explore this ‘colourful flat’ even further? It seems it’s in ‘the pink flat‘ that might be found ‘on the cheerful street’. Thereafter, that ‘cheerful street‘ is within a ‘busy neighbourhood’ next to ‘the noisy park’. 

Step by step, a bird’s eye view into a small room, becomes a bigger experience. Therefore, we move from the domestic, to a neighbourhood that pumps with life and possibilities. What’s more, it’s ripe for comparison and imagination. The flat, screen print style colours are rich and Alice Melvin- like. Furthermore, the author’s questions demand us to interact and linger upon the pages, so that we wonder about the inhabitants, for example, and then the landscape too.

Bookwagon is awed by Where in the World are You? Its scope is superb. What’s more, the way Marie G. Rohde draws us into something incidental, and then lures us out so that we have a greater global curiosity is unique.

Therefore, we recommend Where in the World Are You? as an essential book for reading together at home, and then engaging with at school too. What an outstanding creation!

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Where in the World Are You?

Marie G. Rohde

(What on Earth Books)

Where is the cat? Might it be on a ‘blue rug’ in a ‘yellow room’? Then again, how do we arrive in the ‘yellow room’? Might it be through a ‘green door’? It seems a ‘colourful flat’. What’s more, there are other things to discover within this place. For example, what about who lives there? Might there be another cat, for instance?
Then again, where is this ‘colourful flat’? We take a journey, beyond the room with the cat so that we might discover, similar to our experience with Maps From Anna to Zane. Once again, our experience is interactive, so that we track a ‘cheerful street’, and see neighbours going about their daily business. What’s more, it seems that our observations are rewarded as we see them heading toward the ‘noisy park‘ next door. Then again, our curiosity extends to discovering the location of the noisy park, within a ‘busy neighbourhood- in the crowded city‘. However where might we find the ‘big country’ in which we’d discover the ‘crowded city’? 
Bookwagon applauds the expansive world view, the constant, enquiring gaze offered in Where in the World Are You? We explore from the intimate to the global, from a birds’ eye view to a space ship! The questions sit within screen print crisp coloured pages. Then again, we’ve a constant black cat companion that travels with us on our exploration. Marie G. Rohde introduces this superb title within this video:- Where in the World Are You? What’s more, the book concludes with a narrative poem that might be shared and recalled and then riffed upon. Altogether, this is an outstanding book that we recommend for all young readers.


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