Where is the Cat?


Suzy’s not interested in Auntie. She’s visiting Cat. However, there’s a problem. Where is the Cat? She searches ‘behind the blinds, -the plants [and] the lamp’ but ‘can’t find him anywhere‘. Could it be a game of ‘hide and seek‘?

While Auntie suggests that Suzy’s plans for playing ‘Mummy and Baby, bak[ing] cakes and pretend[ing]’ might not be popular with Cat, Suzy continues. However, she grows ever more anxious and upset until, she’s close to bursting? Might Suzy need to recover, to ‘quietly close- her eyes to take a nap‘? Could this be the moment that…

After all, doesn’t Cat like his ‘good life‘ of food, playing, ‘conversations and exercising‘ and ‘most of all’- sleeping?

Eva Eland offers such a beautiful, ‘keepable’, picture book in Where is the Cat? We love the fluent, mobile, green outlined pictures of such drama, humour and grace, in popping pinks, oranges, whites and yellows. Then again, the way the text plays across the page makes it almost audible!

We recommend Where is the Cat? for reading aloud, sharing and loving, gifting and knowing well.

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Where is the Cat?

Eva Eland

(Andersen Press)

Where is the Cat? After all, Cat’s life is ‘very good’. There’s ‘always- someone to play with… and always- something to eat’. Then there are ‘good conversations and exercising’. However, ‘most of all, he likes to sleep‘. Then again, there are the days when cat’s good life is interrupted by a visitor…
It’s Suzy. What’s more, Suzy’s not interested in Auntie. It’s Cat’s whereabouts she’s focused upon. In fact she arrives in an uproar of bold green lettering, bright pink mittens and wellies, spot lit in neon orange and lime. Is this enough warning for Cat’s safe exit?
Readers what as Suzy searches ‘behind the blinds- the plants‘ and ‘the lamp.’ In fact it seems ‘she looks everywhere for him‘. After all, Suzy has plans for him, including to ‘dress up and play music and DANCE‘. Will Suzy’s anxious frustration brew over to an eruption? Then again, should she abandon all hope of Cat’s appearance on her visit, at all?
Eva Eland offers a picture book that’s almost audible. We feel Cat’s anguish, realise his need to be evasive, while sympathising with Suzy’s desperation. From the shape and presentation of the text, to the green outlined pictures, this is a fluent, entrancing picture book. Therein, the subject matter, reminiscent of I Really Want to Be a Cat, is warm and familiar. Bookwagon loves and recommends Where is the Cat? for reading aloud at bedtime, knowing well, gifting and loving.


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