Where the World Turns Wild

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When Abbot commands Bear’s blood is tested while Juniper is on a school outing to The Plant House, it’s obvious the time has come for the sister and brother to leave Portia Steel’s city. There is something about Juniper’s and Bear’s blood that the City wants. Might it be the fact they came into the city from the Wild, perhaps with a resistance to the ticks that have decimated the population?

Juniper’s and Bear’s parents live outside, beyond the insecticide sprayed, curfew closed, surveillance overwhelmed, City enclosure. Somehow, the pair must escape their confine, with smuggled provisions, and survive the insurmountable odds of a 300 mile journey to Ennerdale. They don’t recall their parents, for their grandmother has raised them. However, through illegal books about nature and the world outside, they’ve a sense of the possibilities they’ll encounter. In addition, they know of the dangers from Portia Steel’s drones, to wolves and traps. What else will they need to overcome?

Are they properly equipped? Can a thirteen-year old and six year-old have the sort of endurance and sharpness to take on such a journey? Furthermore, what will be waiting for them should they succeed? How can they leave behind their grandmother and Etienne, Juniper’s only friend?

Where the World Turns Wild is an exceptional novel of survival, the necessity of our wild planet, loyalty and courage.

This book was shortlisted for the first Joan Aiken Future Classics Prize and selected for SCBWI

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Where the World Turns Wild

Nicola Penfold

(Stripes Publishing)

At some point, Juniper knew that she and her younger brother, Bear, would have to journey to Where the World Turns Wild. After all, the Wild is where they’d originated. It’s why they stand out at school, are bullied by Abbott and monitored so closely by Portia Steel’s crews.
The city is sleek, grey and airless, safe from infection or infiltration from the Wild, especially ticks that decimated the population. Yet Juniper and Bear long for life and space, wilderness and green.
When Juniper and Bear’s difference becomes a matter of life and death, their grandmother prepares them for escape. Yet, how will they survive the journey to Ennerdale, where their parents live deep within the Wild. Although they’ve smuggled provisions from their City home, they have few memories of the Wild, wildlife, nature or even their parents. Furthermore, this journey will require them to hunt for food, dodge drones and be wary of wolves. There is uncertain danger in nature alongside possibilities.
While delivering a similar message to that of Bloom this magnificent story holds a starker, more recognisable warning. Furthermore, we are compelled by Juniper and Bear’s escape and arrival. We travel their journey with them, marvelling at their discoveries and victories, from Ghost, to blackberries, to hunting.
Bookwagon recommends Where the World Turns Wild to readers who seek inspiration, information, wonder and danger. This is a superb and powerful story.

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  1. Paula Hale

    Absolutely outstanding! I did not think this could live up to ‘Where the World Turns Wild’, I was very wrong. Another fabulous book from an author who just knows how to hook the reader immediately. Nicola Penfold really has mastered the art of storytelling, whilst informing and engaging throughout. I loved it.

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