Where Will the Sleepy Sheep Sleep?


Where Will the Sleepy Sheep Sleep? It seems the ‘deep, steep and stony valley’ is ‘far too deep, steep and stony‘! Thereafter, what about a ‘small, dark and damp cave‘? Or if that’s ‘too scary‘ then what about ‘long, wet, spiky grass’?

Alongside being a picture book full of opportunities to predict, respond to and then contemplate, Where Will the Sleepy Sheep Sleep? is rich with wonderful language and comparisons. David Metzenthen’s story is one that demands attention and collaboration. Then again, Jonathan Bentley’s pictures are rich, dramatic and tender. We feel sleepy Sheep’s yearning for sleep.

So where will Sheep sleep? What’s your prediction? It seems Sheep’s aware of every danger and is desperate for a good night’s sleep!

Bookwagon loves and recommends Where Will the Sleepy Sheep Sleep? for bedtime reading particularly. It is such a warm, snuggle up picture book, destined to become a family favourite.

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Where Will the Sleepy Sheep Sleep?

David Metzenthen and Jonathan Bentley

(Allen & Unwin)

Where Will the Sleepy Sheep Sleep? Could it be on top of a ‘wild and windy hill’? Then again, what about a ‘steep and stony valley’? It might be an idea to consider a ‘small, dark and damp cave‘. After all, it’s definitely a good idea to avoid any place ‘where the foxes hunt and the dingoes howl’! Thankfully, at every turn, we see how Sheep’s aware of the possibility of danger. Just think of what else might be ‘inside [a[ burnt and blackened hollow log‘ for example!
Not only does this beautiful picture book offer a range of different settings, posing possibility after possibility, but the descriptions are rich and descriptive. Then again, Jonathan Bentley‘s pictures are atmospheric and dramatic. We see Sheep’s increasing weariness. It seems she must keep considering a raft of impossible situations. So where will she go?
Bookwagon suggests that Where Will the Sleepy Sheep Sleep?, rather like Who’s Going to Bed?, is a superb choice for bedtime, a wonderful picture book to share, talk over, know well and recite. After all, its lush range of possibilities alongside its delicious language making this picture book the stuff of family lore.


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