Where’s Home, Daddy Bear?


‘Where’s Home, Daddy Bear?’ Evie is hiding. She doesn’t want to move. She feels heavy with loss and fears about what’s ahead. Daddy suggests playing Eye- Spy on their long car journey to their new home. They drive from city, to mountains, to blueberry pancakes, songs on the radio, and a campsite. Daddy Bear considers, ‘Home is a feeling…. the best things about home aren’t things at all.’

Evie and Daddy Bear’s journey is vast with landscape and potential. Nicola O’Byrne offers soft tones, wide spaces and loving characters in her beautiful picture book. ‘Where’s Home, Daddy Bear?’ is heart- warming, affirmative and relevant. It is recommended for bedtime and ‘forever’.


Where’s Home, Daddy Bear?

Nicola O’Byrne

(Walker Books)

Where’s Home, Daddy Bear?’ Everything is about to change for Evie Bear. ‘Why do we have to move?’ she asks. Evie feels… heavy. Daddy Bear says ‘Nothing lasts for ever.’ Evie Bear worries about making new friends, and leaving her memories. Where are they going? What lies ahead for Daddy and Evie Bear?


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