While the Storm Rages


Noah is determined that nothing should happen to Win. After all he promised Dad that Win, Mum and Noah would stay safe while Dad was at war.

While the dog might get under Mum’s feet and the clock is ticking down to Noah’s evacuation, Noah has a plan. It will not involve the decree that pets are extraneous to war plans and therefore should be put down. Instead, Noah and Win, accompanied by best friend Clem, with her dachshund, Frank, need to make it to Battersea Cats and Dogs’ Home. However it seems that even that refuge is closing its doors as others do the same as Noah. Therefore, what options does he have? Is it true there’s an aristocrat who’s taking in animals? Might she provide a safe house for Win and Frank?

Noah determines that his father’s boat, a half mended project in the Wapping docks, must carry them down the Thames to where this woman is said to live. However the boat and Noah are ill prepared. What’s more there are animals to feed, and then others who want to join in…. including Big Col with an unbelievable animal in a sack.

Bookwagon adores While the Storm Rages. This is a truthful, brilliantly researched and realised adventure story, full of feeling, determination, failing and risk. We recommend this title highly to readers of all ages.

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While the Storm Rages

Phil Earle

(Andersen Press)

Noah’s father says ‘Don’t let anything happen to her’ as he strokes Winn’s head. He needs Noah to understand that making sure the three of them- Mum, Winn and Noah- must be safe, while he’s away, fighting in WWII. However it seems there’s a different feeling in society, for animals are seen as dispensable. It means queues at the vets that animals are put down. Then again, it means queues at Battersea Dogs and Cats’ Home, the only port of call for those who cannot surrender their pets. It’s where Noah and Winn, and best friend Clem, with Frank the dachshund, struggle. It’s a last chance for their pets. However, it seems they’re too late, and there is only one option. Is it possible that a posh lady in a Windsor home might be reached? It’s all hearsay and hope, and then it will mean lies and running away?
After the award winning When the Sky Falls, Phil Earle returns to a WWII setting. What’s more, he’s raising a real issue faced by city families across the outbreak of WWII. Therefore our sympathies lie heavily with Noah and Clem as they negotiate a perilous course through the Thames with Dad’s stolen, ill prepared, boat. What’s more they’re joined by Big Col and a sack full of trouble, alongside a donkey. Might there be any other creatures about Noah’s Ark? Then again, is their trip possible? Might they reach a place of safety?
Bookwagon recommends While the Storm Rages to every reader. This reader cried and laughed, loved the characterisations and realistic setting and then the urgency of the cause. While the Storm Rages is an outstanding novel.


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