White Feather


There is little to celebrate for Tony and his mother at the end of the First World War.  They are one of millions of families to have lost loved ones in the fighting.  But for them there is also shame and humiliation because it has been reported that Tony’s brother Charlie died not in battle, but shot as a coward by a firing squad.

When further information comes to light Tony decides to clear his brother’s name, but how?  He sets off on a quest against the odds to discover the truth.

Catherine and David MacPhail have penned an excellent, moving story of truth and redemption, but one that also pays fitting tribute to those who made the ultimate sacrifice.



White Feather

Catherine and David McPhail

(Barrington Stoke)

At the end of the First World War, Tony and his mother are still grieving over the loss of their beloved brother and son Charlie.  To make matters worse it has been reported that Charlie did not die in battle, but as a coward, in front of a firing squad.  Tony cannot believe this of his brother and when information about what might have happened comes to light, Tony vows to find out the truth.
This is a marvellous, intensely moving and at time thrilling mystery, which also serves as a fitting tribute to those that went off to fight in the ‘war to end all wars’.


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