White Lies, Black Dare


Asha, Joe’s saviour in Joe All Alone is making a new start from her step- grandfather’s flat where she’s moved with her ill, financially stretched mother. Her new school and environment are radically different from the ‘polished wooden floors’ of Epping, and Asha feels a desperation to fit in. She’s especially taken by Angel, the most perfect of a cool gang, who uses her influence over Asha to complex, dangerous, devious ends….

‘White Lies, Black Dare‘ is a chilling, compelling book. Asha is such a well-constructed character that we ‘walk in her shoes’ as she fights against all she knows and loves, believes in and hopes for, in her effort to fit in and survive.

We recommend ‘White Lies, Black Dare‘ to committed readers with a conscience. This is a moving, gripping story. We care about Asha, and Joe, and urge her toward the future she deserves.


White Lies, Black Dare

Joanna Nadin

(Little, Brown Books for Young Readers)

Asha has returned to South London, where she is captivated by Angel who is everything she wants to be, but that aspiration comes at a price….. We recommend ‘White Lies, Black Dare‘ highly to our older readers.


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