Who Are You?


Who Are You? What countries have you lived in or even visited? Do you have curly hair and dark eyes, or might you find somebody who looks like you in the gallery presented by wonderful illustrator Ali Pye? Then who in your family makes you giggle? Who are the people in ‘your pack’? What about your wider family- aunties, cousins and godparents- ‘friends that you make from places you go’? 

What do you play at home? Maybe you’ve a ‘favourite toy‘ or books you love? Then who do you love playing with?

Do you prefer ‘salty or sour’ food, or ‘spicy or sweet’? Which foods do you find most delicious?

With an encouraging rhyming text, Smriti Halls invites readers to divulge Who Are You?

This is such a refreshing, motivating picture book, ideal for sharing at home and school, too. Bookwagon loves and recommends Who Are You?

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Who Are You?

Smriti Halls and Ali Pye

(Red Shed)

Smriti Halls and Ali Pye invite readers to dive in and find out about themselves and others with Who Are You? Thereafter, we’re asked if we’ve ‘twinkly and bright’ eyes,  and if they’re dark or light? What’s more, there’s a photo gallery of portraits from which we might choose to find somebody who’s face resembles ours. Then we compare hair. Might our hair be ‘tidy or neat‘ or ‘curly or straight’? Then again, how ‘long would it be’‘if it didn’t get cut’?
We move onto our family with considerations of ‘who’s in our pack’, or reads the ‘bedtime story’ or ‘hugs us tight’? There are thoughts on games, playing, the wider people in our lives who’re important to us. Thereafter we contemplate whether we dress up for special occasions, then what these might be? Might we have ‘lived‘ or ‘visited’ other places, and then ‘what have we seen’? Thereafter, might we have eaten food ‘that’s delicious to eat’?
Smriti Halls has such a conversational, rhyming tone to our enquiry, that we’re encouraged to take time with Ali Pye’s poster bright, active pictures and join in! Like What I Like Most, this seems such an interactive, motivating picture book, ideal for talking about in home or school. Bookwagon loves and recommends Who Are You? highly.


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