Who is Sleeping?


Who is Sleeping?‘ In the rushes? Under the leaf? In the snow, or in the sea? Rich, warm colours, active settings and peeping clues tempt before turning to lift-the-flaps to discover who lies asleep.

Petr Horáček strikes just the right tone in his early reading books. Repeated, short, enquiring text, rich colours, and a directive to lift-the-flaps, capture and sustain early interest. There is room to reread, to participate and recite. ‘Who is Sleeping?‘ is an appealing, fundamental reading step for very young readers.

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Who is Sleeping?

Petr Horáček

(Walker Books)– board book, lift- the- flaps

Who is Sleeping?‘ In the tree? Under the leaf? In the rushes? Discover who is sleeping in Petr Horáček’s lush, warm settings, hiding beneath the lift-the-flaps. ‘Who is Sleeping?’ is a gentle, enquiring ideal board book for our youngest readers.


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