Who Rules the Rockpool?


Prawn tries to warn Crab, ‘- avoiding danger is a good way to survive’. However, Crab’s in no mood to take good advice. It seems he’s on track to prove that he ‘rules the rockpool‘. It doesn’t matter that there’s only Prawn and Crab in the rockpool, Crab’s determined to prove his superiority in each situation!

Thereafter, when a huge wave washes the pair into a bigger pool, we hope that Crab will prove more cautious. However, he’s keen to ‘challenge the ruler of THIS rockpool to a show of strength‘. It means we look about anxiously, for ‘this rockpool [is] home to all kinds of creatures’. So ‘who’s in charge‘? Then again, we’re able to read the warnings that the other residents offer each other. Could Crab be the only tentacled monster? Something that can breathe in water and upon land?

Alongside humour, asides, the adventure of the journey and Crab and Prawn’s relationship, we’ve so much to learn and explore. Within each habitat that Matty Long creates, we’ve colours and shapes, attitudes and behaviour. We are behaving like Observologists. Yet, is Crab? Might he discover rather too late Who Rules the Rockpool?

Bookwagon loves this wonderful wildlife picture book. We recommend it highly to readers, to share, dip into, read again, gift, know and draw understanding from. Who Rules the Rockpool? is superb!

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Who Rules the Rockpool?

Matty Long

(Oxford University Press)

It seems Crab’s set upon being named the most important character within his domain. However, Prawn’s not so sure. After all, there only the two of them in their little pool. Then again, what if they’re washed to another, bigger, pool by a huge wave? Might Crab seek to prove his strength here? Surely he’d not be so foolish. After all, isn’t it as Prawn says, ‘that to avoid danger is the way to survive’. Then again, Who Rules the Rockpool?
Matty Long delights readers with his Super Happy Magic Forest series, alongside Who Ate All the Bugs? In fact, following on from that picture book, Who Rules the Rockpool? entertains readers similarly. Not only is there a ‘cat and mouse’ (Crab and ?) situation but then there’s our opportunity to consider an interdependent community’s behaviour. Not only do we move from small pool to larger, from sunlit to shade, but then we’ve such a host of creatures to consider. Furthermore, we’re anxious about Crab’s taunting of other creatures in each situation. Isn’t he aware of the potential dangers? Then again, are we? Can we identify the most fearful character?
Bookwagon loves the format, the way there’s information alongside jokes, character alongside science. Altogether we arrive at a superb reading experience, informative, colourful, considered and highly entertaining.



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