Who’s Driving?


Who’s Driving?’ the fire engine? The tractor? The limousine? Could it be Elephant or Tiger, Cat or Hippopotamus? Readers are invited to use the clues to match the driver to the vehicle and discern  just who is driving!

There are so many clues in the saturated colours of Leo Timmers’ pictures, ripe with costuming and accessories. There are so many opportunities to join in the reading too- zzzzooommmm….brrmm… brrmm…brrmm…

Bookwagon adores ‘Who’s Driving?’ and urges our youngest readers to share this title with their adults.

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Who’s Driving?

Leo Timmers

(Gecko Press)

Who’s Driving?’ Can you match the driver to the vehicle? Look for clues, listen to the sounds, join in and take the driving seat. Let’s see ‘Who’s Driving?’
Bookwagon offers this great title to our youngest readers with pride and a puff of smoke!


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