Who’s Going to Bed?


When the King and Queen are ‘snoozing on their silk pillows‘ and the animals have ‘curled up their trunks and are resting their heads’ it seems like the whole world’s asleep. Furthermore, the pirates ‘are settling down in their hammocks’  and the ‘stars are out and the moon is bright‘ for it’s time to sleep. Who’s Going to Bed? 

It doesn’t seem cheeky baby is going to bed. He’s up and about for an adventure, rousing all the sleepyheads with his ‘CRASH CRASH CRASH’ and ‘TOOT TOOT TOOT’. Where will they journey? What will they do?

When they encounter a little dragon, it might be that the adventure will take flight, yet the little dragon is ‘so tired‘ that he needs his sleep. What will the king and queen, knights and monkeys, teddies, pirates and little baby do? Shhh! Who’s Going to Bed? 

What a perfect bedtime read. There’s repetition, familiarity, nurture and tenderness in every one of Abie Longstaff’s words. In addition Eve Coy’s night hued, gentle, encouraging pictures are glorious. We linger and lose ourselves in these and the rhythm of the story and sleep. Bookwagon recommends this title highly as an essential bedtime story for very little readers.

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Who’s Going to Bed?

Abie Longstaff, illustrated by Eve Coy


The animals are going to bed, while ‘pirates have packed away their treasure and folded up their flag‘, so Who’s Going to Bed? While the teddies have ‘packed away their picnic‘ and the King and Queen have ‘tucked in their knights’, we gaze across the nighttime world. We see the lights dim and everyone turn in, it seems. However, ‘What’s this?’ Could it be that someone is still wide awake? Not ‘a cheeky baby’! What’s he going to do?
It seems as though he’s out to awaken the sleeping world with his ‘Wake up! Wake up! BANG BANG BANG BANG!’ Everyone is roused and ready to join his adventure until they come across a little dragon who is ‘so tired’. What will the teddies, monkeys, pirates and little baby do?
Abie Longstaff and Eve Coy have created the perfect going to bed story for very little readers. There’s a natural rhythm and sequence to the text, with repetition and a sense of order. Thereafter, we enjoy the mayhem of the little baby, and the return to the way things should be. Eve Coy’s night scented pictures are so beautiful, comforting, approachable and warm. Who’s Going to Bed? like Here Comes the Sun, is an essential, ‘forever’ title to share at bedtime with new readers.


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