Who’s Hiding?


At first we are introduced to a double page spread of characters. There’s Giraffe and Cat, Hen and Zebra, Pig and Lion and Kangaroo and Rhino, amongst many. Each looks out at us expectantly.

Thereafter, throughout Who’s Hiding?, one or more of them vanishes, though not entirely. We are offered some clues, a trace of an outline, some apparel, or a smile. Then again, we’ve other actions to look over, so Who’s Angry? Or, Who’s Crying? Who’s Sleeping? or Who’s Backwards? What’s more, as we travel through the book, it seems as though we become more familiar with the characters, so that they are playing games with us, although their position seems entirely the same as we’re used to.

The bold colours, shapes and faces are very appealing. What’s more the changing background colours are a joy to read through.

Yet again, Gecko Press offers a beautiful book for very young readers. Who’s Hiding? is likely to become a firm favourite to share and browse through, discuss and enjoy, with Bookwagon‘s youngest readers.

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Who’s Hiding?

Satoru Onishi

(Gecko Press)- board book

It might be Monkey, or then gain Rabbit? Thereafter, it could be Pig, or Hippo, Hen or Bear? So, Who’s Hiding? Satoru Onishi invites readers to turn the page, and compare the list of characters with the original cast list. What’s more, there are tiny clues, little parts of the missing character, to suggest who’s not really there.
Then again, there might be a page asking Who is Crying? Can we look over and identify who needs some care? Or possibly, Who is Angry? We can see several characters here who look very cross. We wonder what has upset them! Then again, we’re asked to observe as we compare to see Who has Horns?
Throughout the book, the original question is repeated. What’s more, it changes each time, both in character and in number of animals who are hidden. Then again, as we become more familiar with the style and the characters, we become engaged, and recognise the individual personalities in each appearance.
Bookwagon loves the interactive nature of Who’s Hiding?, which is evident in books like Big Green Crocodile also. We love and recommend this unique and very appealing book to our very youngest readers and those who love them, too.


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