Wigglesbottom Primary Break-time Bunnies


Not an attack from another school? Maybe in the guise of four, then ten then THOUSANDS and MILLIONS of bunnies! You wouldn’t believe it! Would you? Welcome to Wigglesbottom Primary Break-time Bunnies, with three laugh-out-loud, fantastic stories of suspicion and excitement.

After a bunny attack (and you must admit that calling an EMERGENCY ASSEMBLY is a very strange thing for Mr Harris to do!) there’s a SPECIAL GUEST for Miss Riley. Why is she suddenly hand dancing? Could this be her special talent, and could the man at the back of the room ‘with no hair and lots of folders‘ be a special talent agent? While everyone knows that Miss Riley is the best teacher in the world, her class is determined that Mr Powell realises her special talent!

Bobby seems to have a special talent when it comes to playing the violin. At least, that’s what Miss Stein, the violin teacher, thinks. Certainly he can make a beautiful sound, and on his very first sweep across the strings! It’s strange, it’s wonderful, it’s….. BEWITCHING! Miss Stein in her long, dark cardigan like a SPOOKY CAPE has cast a spell! That is the only possible explanation!

Bookwagon loves the Wigglesbottom Primary series. The rumour, hysteria, delight and community are tangible. Pamela Butchart’s illustrative text, with Becka Moor’s ‘ready- for- excitement, eyes- aghast pictures, are a perfect combination. Welcome aboard Wigglesbottom Primary Break-time Bunnies, just so right for newer chapter book readers!

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Wigglesbottom Primary Break-time Bunnies

Pamela Butchart and Becka Moor

(Nosy Crow)

What’s this? Wigglesbottom Primary Break-time Bunnies? One moment Susie Keys is pointing out the window, gasping at ‘FOUR bunnies sitting on the Grassy Bit in the playground!’ Next thing, there’s an ‘emergency assembly and Mr Harris looks PANICKED! What is going on? Could it be that ‘there are ATTACK BUNNIES outside in the playground? Maybe they’ve been sent to WIgglesbottom Primary by ‘another school to take [them] over’! Furthermore every time the children look outside there are more and more and more bunnies! There are THOUSANDS and maybe even MILLIONS! What will be the consensus when Mr Harris is seen amidst the rabbit horde?
It’s all rumour, panic and excitement at Wigglesbottom Primary. Following Break-time Bunnies, we’ve two further stories. Why does Miss Riley have a NERVOUS LOOK and announce a SPECIAL GUEST is ‘coming to [our] class’? Could it be something to do with a television audition that involves Miss Riley’s hidden talent of HAND DANCING’?
Then there’s the violin teacher keen to recruit new pupils. Although Hana volunteers, she’s rather reluctant. There’s something about this teacher that makes her think Miss Stein is a BEWITCHING WITCH! When Bobby plays a most perfect note on his very first trial of a violin, Hana is convinced! What is the truth?
We are delighted to add Wigglesbottom Primary Break-time Bunnies to  Wigglesbottom Primary The Magic Hamster and other titles in this laugh-out-loud series!


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